MCAS Tips and Tricks

How do I answer an open-ended math question?

  1. Read the question carefully and identify what is being asked. Circle the actual question.
  2. Underline key information.
  3. Examine any graphics included in the image. Label, if necessary.
  4. Use your MCAS reference sheet to identify formulas needed to solve the problem, if necessary. Remember - some of the information included in the problem or graphic may not be necessary to solve the problem - don't let that confuse you!
  5. In your answer, include formulas, work, drawings, and vocabulary. You do not need to write a paragraph to answer an open-response math question; you need to show how you go to your answer.
  6. Check your work!
  7. Go back and reread the question you circled. Does the answer you provided answer this question?
  8. Restate the question in your answer. Circle your final answer and don't forget to include units!

The question below was taken from an MCAS practice exam.

Read through the steps above and identify how each one was used to answer the practice question below.
Big picture