By: Eiyanna Phend


  • The characters in Sounder show perseverance in many ways. When Sounder was shot he showed perseverance by not just lying there to die but got up and ran away. Mother showed perseverance by going on with her life even when father got arrested. Father showed perseverance when he went home after he got caught in a dynamite explosion. The Boy showed perseverance when his Father and Sounder died, he went on with his life and took his Father's place.

Article of African american who has the same theme

  • This article talks about how Jackie Robinson became the first African american ever to play baseball. It shows how he got threatened and insulted and how he still went on with playing baseball. It takls about his baseball career and how he was like Martin Luther King Jr. with the civil rights act. Jackie said “ I’d like to see a black manager”. Jackie’s manager Leo Durocher said, “This guy didn’t just come to play. He come to beat ya”. Jackie believes that racism isn’t right it’s wrong no one is able to judge someone by their color, you need to get to know that person then you can judge them.
  • There are many things that show evidence of how this article fits the theme. Jackie Robinson got insulted and threatened and still played baseball. Jackie was the first African american to break the colored barrier for baseball even though people didn’t like what he did. He became a legend because of what he did, but most of all because he didn’t give up.

Pet/human relationship

  • This video talks about a blind woman Audrey Stone and her service dog Figo. Audrey was saved by her service dog Figo. Figo and Audrey were walking across the road when a mini bus hit them. Figo jumped in between Audrey and the bus knocking her out of the way. They were both rushed to the vet and hospital. They were also both injured but they recovered.
  • There are many things that shows similarities between the book and the article. Sounder tried to save his master when the police arrested him. Figo tried to save Audrey from being hit by a bus. Sounder got shot while trying to save his master. Figos’ leg and other body parts were injured by trying to save Audrey.

A Father, Daughter, Dog

  • Some similarities of the book and article. The daughters Father died, a few days later Cheyenne died. The Boy's father died and a few days later Sounder died. Cheyenne led the daughter to Father's dead body. Sounder led the Boy to his Father's dead body.
  • Some differences of the book and article. Daughters Father had a heart attack. Father just died of age and weakness. Cheyenne made the Daughter's Father happy. Sounder didn't really have an affect on the family's mood.

Anticipation Guide

  • Can the color of a person’s skin can tell you a lot about what that person is like. No it can't It doesn’t matter if you're black, blue, pink, or white you shouldn’t be judged by how you look. You can’t know someone's personality or how they act by just looking at them. You need to get to know that person by the inside not the outside.


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