McCaskill Memos

Week of April 29, 2013

Marathon Kids - Tuesday

Did you know that your child has run a marathon this year! Today they finished up their last few laps to complete 26 miles total for the year! To celebrate, they all received t-shirts and they are all going to wear them to school tomorrow!

Save your water bottles!

We are using water bottles on Thursday for an experiment. If you have any water bottles at home that are empty, please send them to school so we can re-use them!

Crazy for Kindness day on Thursday!

Thursday we will be dressing "CRAZY" to celebrate our kindness and compassion campaign this year. It's the one day you can let your kid be in total control of their outfit! Have fun!

Field Day

First Grade Field Day

Friday, May 3rd 2013 at 8:15-10:15pm

Bradfield Field

We need water!

We are asking each classroom to donate 4 cases of 8 oz bottled water. Parents can drop off their case anytime this week during drop-off. Just leave it in the cafeteria on the 1st table in front and we will take care of it from there! Questions: Contact Holly Toole (

Wear comfy shorts and tennis shoes!

No need to worry about what color to wear this year on Field Day. We have several generous donors that covered the cost for every child at Bradfield to get a Field Day T-Shirt. The teachers will pass them out to the kids Friday morning. ** You can also bring a change of clothes in case the kids get wet and want to change out of them!


Please remember to put SUNSCREEN on your kids before school on Friday!!! Most events are in the sun.... maybe a hint of bug spray too!

Volunteers Needed!

We still need Dads! We need several at 7:00-8:00AM to help us set up the events and several at 3:00-4:00 to help us take down. We also need a couple at 10:30-11:30 to help us transition the events from morning to afternoon. If you can help us please email Kelly Watson (

There is still room to volunteer!!! If you have not signed up, please do... This is such a fun day to volunteer and hang out with your kids so they can show off their Field Day talents! If your room is full, you can sign up for another room as EVENT VOLUNTEER and have a fun station, however please leave the GROUP LEADERS for the moms in that classroom. Click here to volunteer now - Field Day 2013 Questions: Contact Mandy Davenport (