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Those girls who are fighting for their right of education

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Who we are & Mission

We have to help those girls who live in war zones. For example, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.They are not being taken seriously, their status in whole society is very low.Some girls can not even access education.We want you to help them. We want them to get the opportunity to learn at least.We hope that can give them power by our gathering.

About you

We want you all to join us. You just need donations within your sphere of competence.When we've got the money we will build a school exclusively for girls.We've already received donations and the construction of five schools. Nearly five hundred girls can walk into the school.They live in desperation, they need a light to go off the darkness. For example, every one of you, we expect you to join us and become their fearless force.

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Those girls in war

If you have never seen them,You might be never know about feelings of those girls who get up every morning and face the struggle of the day.The war always happen in their country and Many still view the education and freedom of women with suspicion and fear So Their future was hold in someone else's hands.They have no choice to control own life.We are lucky for we are living in safe and happy,but they are unfortunate.

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