Texas Road Trip x3

By: Karen G.

1ST DAY: Austin


I looked out the window of the hotel and looked.The buildings in Austin are pretty tall and spaced out. I opened the window as a gust of warm wind hit my face. The climate in Austin is a humid subtropical climate, it has really hot summers and cold winters. It's usually very sunny at least. I got on my computer and found a few interesting blogs, they were run by people who live in Austin. Did you know that Austin is the city that uses the internet the most out of all of Texas? Austin's motto is "Keep Austin weird", it is used to describe Austin's diversity and local independent businesses. As I walked out of the city i noticed that there were a lot of bike riders. Apparently, Austin is the most bike-friendly city in Texas. Remind me to bring my bike next time! Austin is also the Capital city of Texas. This is why it's government is so important to us Texans. Austin is also known as "The Live Music Capital of the World." This is mostly because of it's festivities and music events in street 6. It is also number one in the country for this. Hehe, I love dancing along to music! I hummed random tunes as i headed back. Time to visit another location! :D

Marble Falls

Our next little stop is Marble Falls. Marble Falls is beautiful city located in Burnet Country,Texas. The city was founded in 1887.is part of the Highland Lakes on the Colorado River, the largest chain of lakes in Texas! The actual falls is currently flooded under water, but it is sometimes still visible now and then when the tide is lower. The rock formations are made by the deposition of settlements of minerals around the time the place was founded. In my point of view, the town can have a very nice small feeling to it since the scenery is beautiful especially around spring or summer. Marble Falls also has their own motto! Their motto is "Marble Falls..... For a weekend, or a lifetime."

San Antonio

Our next stop is San Antonio! Or its also know officially as The City Of San Antonio. San Antonio also is known for being the seventh most populous city in the U.S! Wow, that's a lot of People! Walking around, the air seems kind of warm. San Antonio has a humid subtropical climate. This makes it so that San Antonio has hot summers and Warm, comfortable winters. As i was walking down the road i could see that there were a lot of tourists. San Antonio seems like a very popular tourist attraction on its own! One of its most popular attractions is the Alamo. That is because it played a very big part in Texas history! Most people know to "remember the Alamo!" That's all the time i have for now, so i headed back to my hotel to get ready for my next stop. :D


Eden is a city in Concho County, Texas. It's a very small city but that's what i find nice about it. It's motto is also one of ,my favorites, The city's motto is "Experience the blessings". It reminds me of a few movies when i was a child. It was fun Walking around a more calm city, just having a little jog is fun too. Did you know?, Eden is the birthplace and hometown of James Earl Rudder, a U.S Army general during WW2 and former president of Texas A&M University in College Station. Well he seems very well known. I also walked past a little park that was named and dedicated to him. It looks like a small green area with picnic tables and a large gazebo. A simple park but can be relaxing if the weather is just right. I must say walking around the town was very interesting, but now i must head back so we can go to our next stop! :D

El Paso

My next stop is El Paso! El paso is located near the Rio grande and in the Mountain and basins region. You probably already know it's name is in Spanish. The English name for El Paso is "The Pass". Just walking outside i feel a breeze of warm air hit my face. El paso has a desert hot climate, it has Hot summers and very dry winters with very little humidity. Maybe i'll bring a water bottle next time. The average rainfall in El Paso is around 9.7 inches a year! That's a very small amount! Even with it's small amount of rain, the place can get flooded with it's summer storms and such. Good thing there wasn't a storm today, the sun is shining as brightly as always! Sadly I don't have much time left so i better start movin'!


Socorro is a city in El Paso County,Texas, U.S on the north bank of the Rio Grande.Socorro was first established in 1680 by Spaniards and Piro Indians who were running away from a revolt in New Mexico. I guess this is why it has the funny name, haha. The name of the city in English is something along the lines of "help" or "aid".Walking around the city I noticed a few interesting places. For example, the Bulldog Championship Park, which includesa splash park, amphitheater, walking trails, and a pond! Just as interesting, Scorro is the 22nd most intertaining city in Texas... cool. :D oh well, NEXT STOP!!!!


Yay! Another one of my stops is Lubbock! Lubbock is located in the Northwestern part of the state, or the the Great Plains region of Texas. Going out of my hotel and feeling the nice weather. The summers in Lubbock tend to be hot while the winters are a bit more mild with colder nights. I personally think the weather is fine during the fall. Walking down the streets makes me wonder what sort of festivities this city has. Apparently, every year on July 4, Lubbock hosts the 4th on Broadway event,an independence day festival.The festival is completely free to the public! It is even considered the largest free event held in Texas! The memorial civic center also hosts many events there! Well that's it for now as i better get ready for my last stop.


What a big place to start, hehe. It was actually named after George Washington Littlefield, who was a Mississippi native, confederate officer, cattleman, banker, and benefactor of the University Of Texas At Austin. Surprisingly, Littlefield's motto is: "Where BIG things happen" hehe. The climate can be described as semi-arid and in my opinion warm, mostly hot during the summer. Walking around I also found a campsite and that a singer, Waylon Jennings, was born in the town and the town even has a small place to commemorate him. The economy of the small town seems to mostly rely on cotton, this is especially noticeable with the products constantly made. Apparently there was a very big murder case in this city a few years ago, about 1,500 people attended the funeral of the murdered couple. I really like the small feeling of the town, i don't know why but small towns and cities are my favorites. I must say this was a fun trip hopefully i'll do it again.

(I wonder were Mr.scott gets the money though? XD (hehe jk))