Liver Cirrhosis

Take care of your liver !

What is the disease?

Liver Cirrhosis is an liver condition in which there is irreversible scarring of the liver.

Symptoms and causes.

You can get this disease by drinking alot of alcohol.

The symptoms to this disease is

Loss of appetite, Loss of energy, weight loss or sudden gain weight, Bruises, Yellowing of the skin or of they white in the eyes (Jaundice), Itchy skin, Fluid retention and swelling in the ankles/legs, A brownish or orange tint to the urine, Light colored stools, Confusion/Disorientation/Personality changes, Blood in the stool, A fever.

What happens to your liver?

You lose cells on your liver and your liver gets scarred.

How can you cure this?

There is no cure for this disease

Prevention or Delay of development

You can prevent / delay the development of this disease by not drinking daily and knowing your limits. You can also prevent / delay this disease by never mixing alcohol and drugs together, and Avoid exposure of industrial diseases.
Liver Cirrhosis - Understanding the symptoms

my editorial

I learned that this disease is a very terrible to get. There is no cure for this disease. I learned to not abuse the liver.