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Clarifying Co-Working and Collaboration

Co-working spaces have popped up in urban environments across the United States since the early 2000's. The origin of this recent movement is credited to a software developer in the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted the freedom to work for himself, but wanted the community that could be gained by working around others. Principles of shared space, openness and relationship define these co-working environments. But, as people work side by side, they probably are not working in the same direction. Co-working is defined by individuals accomplishing their independent work goals in a shared working environment. Collaboration, on the other hand, takes the principles of co-working and takes it to the next step to look at how the individuals or organizations can share space, pull together in a cause, or purposes or goals. At Q Commons Sacramento at the end of October, Sheri Lozano, founder of Link to Lift, shared her vision of how collaboration in shared spaces can change lives like it changed hers.
Redefining Collaboration—Sheri Lozano

Sheri Lozano

Founder - Collaborator - Consultant

Sheri Lozano has a passion for connecting people who are like minded for the common good. Her time is dedicated to creating collaborative spaces and linking non-profits to shared offices to accelerate their work and impact. She has experience working with creative people and loves to envision new ways of impacting our culture. She also has a heart for emerging leaders and takes advantage of every opportunity to motivate and mentor the next generation.

Sheri is married to Sergio Lozano, her husband of twenty-six years. They have three adult children: Enric, Kayla and Lucas.

Convergence and Collaboration

For four years, Convergence has sought to bring together gospel centered leaders to learn from one another and find ways to act together. As we move into 2018, the Convergence Team is committed to activating coalitions of transformative leaders through ongoing relationship with Q National, cause oriented meet ups, Q Community and Q Commons 2018. Through the Convergence newsletter and Convergence Conversation podcast, we will bring you stories of those who are curious, learning and taking action together to impact our communities and culture. Take a step to engage with others at any of these events in the first months of 2018.

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