Family Changes

Mara Jessen

Single Parent Families

The definition of a family used to be: a mother, father and their biological children. It's evident that a new definition of family is emerging. There are many more children living with a single parent that was either never married, or has been divorced. There's a difference in families because of same-sex marriage couples raising a child. In most cases, this is not healthy for the children. Children who live with a single parent are twice as likely to develop a psychiatric illness.


  • 12.9 million one-parent families in 2006
  • from 1970 to 2006 single parent families are up 4%
  • 27% of single mothers with kids live in poverty
  • amount of single fathers has grown by 60% in the last ten years
  • in Iowa, in 2011, 30% of children live with a single parent
Minority, Single Parent Families and Poverty