PARTLY CLOUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Jael Caro


Gus a mysterious cloud that makes baby's and animals, Peck who is Gus best friend delivers the baby's and animals it takes place in the sky

Movie Moment

Question: How does this movie still epitomize how Nimbus feels about his job?

Answer: It shows that he loves his job and wants to be wanted.


Peck gets hurt too much

Rising action

EVENT #1 Gus bakes an alligator peck is to afraid to take it

EVENT #2 makes a ram and it rams Peck

EVENT #3 Gus makes a porcupine but Peck thinks it's a sheep


Gus gets angry and makes a storm and peek returns


EVENTS #1 pecks returns with football gear

EVELIN#2 Gus gives peck a eel to deliver


Gus and peck work together happily.