IOS 7 Update

By Jimmy Aguilera


The new IOS 7 is a complete design overhaul and adds useful features like automatic updates to make everyday use easier. Long-overdue Control Center gives quick access to most-used features. AirDrop and iTunes Radio are great additions.


Colorful, stark and fresh, Apple's iOS 7 represents an extreme makeover for a mobile platform that has sported the same look since President George Bush was in office and Hannah Montana was in season one. It looks really amazing and i cannot see how people can dislike this new update. Its amazing and way better than the old update.

Why ios 7 is a good update

  • The design is much better.
  • I really like the new icon pictures(app store, game center, camera, and photo).
  • Multitasking is very easy in the new update.
  • The lock screen is very cool too. I've noticed that the battery charges much faster.
  • A smarter siri, can understand you bettter.
  • You can block contacts.
  • The new better camera app.
  • ios 7 automatically updates apps for you.
  • New and better organized photos.
  • No limited voice memo.
  • The new airdrop helps you swap photos.
  • The design is much brighter and cleaner.
  • The new safari is easier to get to and is smaller now.
  • The control center is much better and has more features.
  • The lock screen is easier to open.

Why i updated it

Why i would update/already updated to the ios 7 is because of alot of reasons. First off i really like the design and how it fells much newer. I also really like the multitasking on the new update, i feel that it is much easier to get to the apps i want. The new thing i noticed was the new airdrop. This is really helpful for sharing or swaping pictures which really helped me. Overall the update is amazing and i feel that you would like it too.