What's New in Room 322?

A weekly review

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March 14-18

Math- This week we wrapped up Unit 5: Interpreting and Representing Data. We've been all over the place wrapping it up by practicing money word problems, doing money strategy groups for more practice, playing SMARTBoard money games, sharing and responding to math posters, and taking the post test CFA. We also have briefly introduced our new unit at the end of the week by working on how to add and subtract numbers within 100 using a number line. This was a little tricky-so is likely to be reviewed next week as we continue instruction!

Word Work- Students took their WTW test on Friday and will be receiving new words on Monday (this next set will continue into the week after Spring Break due to next week being only 3.5 days).

Writing-Students have finished their President writings and President biographies. On Thursday, students did a writing craftivity about someone who is worth more than gold to them.

Reading-Mini lesson focuses of the week have been about strategies to record our thinking as we read and talking about how books in a series "go together". Students created lists about the similarities, differences, and patterns they have seen in the Magic Treehouse read alouds and with their book club texts. Next week will be the last bit of our series unit before we transition into our next unit of Informational Book Clubs.

Science: Our class worked together to make oobleck and argue whether it was a solid or gas. We watched videos of oobleck made on larger scales too to further defend our arguments. Many were surprised to find that this substance wasn't a solid or liquid...but a non-Newtonian fluid! Next week they will be bringing home their science journals with some of the work they've been recording over the last month of scientific studies--in here I put the recipe also in case you wanted to try to make it at home. Another easy and messy but fun and educational activity!


Monday: Chinese

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: No Rotation (half day)

Friday: No School

Upcoming Odell Events

March 24- Early Dismissal 1/2 Day

March 25-April 4- No School for Students--Spring Break

Congratulations to Kiley for her 1000s Club accomplishment!