Gabriel Faure

Musical Facts

1. The first instrument he learned to play was the piano at an extremely young age. After that, he got more and more interested in music.

2. He was most famous for writing brilliant requiems that have played at many funerals over the years.

3. He wrote many types of music including vocal and piano works, orchestra, and chamber music.

4. Lastly, he wrote In Paradisum, the song we are singing in Select Choir!

Influence on Romantic Era

Gabriel Faure influenced the romantic era by doing three things. First of all, he composed all different types of music, something that most composers can not do. Second of all, he influenced other budding composers and music writers, some who would grow up to be great musicians like Faure. Lastly, he wrote many famous songs and music pieces that people still sing and preform today. He influenced many things and people and he even changed the history of the romantic era!


Gabriel Faure was born May 12, 1845 in France. His family growing up was not very musical, but he showed his talent at a very young age, and ended up going to music college in France at age 9! He eventually became a teacher, and did not have much time for composing. During the summers, he would go to the countryside to work on composing. In his later life, he was considered one of the best composers in France. As he got older, he became less healthy and started smoking. He eventually died at age 79 on November 4, 1924 from pneumonia.

World events

1. The First Flight

Faure lived through many important times including the Wright brother's first airplane flight. This was a huge time in history, and led to the everyday airlines today, including the Dallas airport near us.

2. Civil War

Faure did not live in America, so it didn't affect him as much as it affected others in the states, but he still lived through it, and was partially affected. France had a hard time deciding who to side with, but eventually stayed nuetral. It was a big time in the world's history; there was slavey, Americana may have split apart, and President Lincoln was the president.

3. WWl

In 1914, war broke out all over Europe. It was one of the hardest times in history. France was one of the Triple Entente, who fired in on the Central Powers. It was an extremely hard time for so many people, and eventually, the whole world was taking part in the war. After 4 long years, the war finally ended in 1918!


  1. Introit-Asking for attention to their prayer
  2. Offertory-Liberating the souls of all the dead
  3. Sanctus-Vision of heaven
  4. Benedictus-Praising God
  5. Agnus Dei-Asking for peace
  6. Libera me-Sending the soul to heaven