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This contrasts with Hyper-coordination. This can be characterized by two mobile recharge online recharge mobile api main aspects: Firstly, it stands for an expressive use of emotional and social reasons and secondly for the use of mobile phones in-group discussion and agreement about the proper forms of self-presentation the mobile phone (Ling/ Yttri 2002: 140). Both use forms mobile recharge api emphasize the particular importance of the mobile phone for young people, especially during adolescence. They use the mobile phone for contact and communication among friends, as an indicator of popularity and status, as a way of self-presentation as well as a supportive medium to build intimate relationships (cf. Ling/ Yttri 2002: 147 f). This characterization of Hyper-coordination can be supplemented by some reflections from the field of media socialization.
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It mobile recharge api deals with the role of the media in social development processes, where coping with developmental tasks of media sociological perspective is considered to be aspired socialization goal. Young people (s) have to deal with their physical and mental changes, make new social contacts and reshape the relationship with their parents (Sweet 2004: 256). It is believed that tackling these tasks in constant communication occurs with parents and peers, the mobile phone can have a mediating function in this process. Initial results from the study of SUSS confirm this hypothesis and emphasize the use of mobile phones to deal with development tasks. This includes communication within the peer group, care and development of social contacts and collecting flirt and relationship experiences (see Sweet 2004: 256 f). The description of motivational perspective have made clear that also form needs and use motifs of mobile subscribers a supporting pillar for the explanation of mobile recharge api their mobile usage behavior.
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By motives, the expectations of a notification by SMS are understandable. However, this mobile recharge api the expectations of the mobile subscriber can in the present case because of non-availability not be met, which is likely to affect the assessment of the situation. At this point, the motives can therefore gain a first insight into dealing with and assessment of non-availability in the SMS communication. For this reason, the motives for the use of SMS will be determined during the investigation. As mentioned earlier, the non-accessibility is examined in the context of building a social relationship, suggesting a rather emotional experience. Therefore, the derivation of motivational factors in forms expressive use of mobile phones in terms of hyper-ordination builds on.
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Derived from completed trials and with respect to the situation context, the following dimensions were considered in the study: make reinsurance, sociability and flirt and relationship experience. They provide in the further online recharge mobile course of the investigation at a later point, the basis for constructing the design items. Always and at any time, at any place and in any situation, under all skies and at every age, in every culture and in every era, everyone has feelings, says Hartman Some, Professor of Cultural Theory and History of mentalities (Some 1997: 525), Starting from this assertion to the dependent variables are theoretically derived as effect on the effective experience of non-reachability. By varying the effective state are also many forms of effective behavior and experience can be mobile recharge api differentiated, is in particular to distinguish between moods and emotions.
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