The Charmed Pathway

Everything I want to invite into my life ... and for yours

Hi Inspirer,

Michelle here and I am soooo excited to introduce you to my new Blog and newsletter.

I needed a change after 5 years, I needed to focus my energy on what really matters to me and so I started with my favourite things ;

Words, vintage stuff, flowers, trinkets, photos and nurturing people to grow authentically.

This year is all about Thriving in the world

What if I told you, you could be the person everyone envies because

"luck is always on your side" ?

What if you attracted everything magical and wonderful in your life because

you knew exactly what to ask for ?

What if you lived a charmed life ?

A life full of enchantment, beauty, magic and abundance

You can you know. You are equipped with all the tools you need.

You just need to put the charms on that metaphorical bracelet so to speak!

... and Id be charmed to help you thrive



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Whats the magic word ?

I sat there in the reality that was officially the start of business for 2016 (that quite honestly ... Id been wishing for, for about 2 weeks now) . This reality is defined as the exact moment when there are no children at home, my staff are back (to do the jobs I hate doing while they're on leave) and Me ... left at peace to focus on what really matters ... Read more

The choice is yours ? What do you need in your life right now ?

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