WySCA Board Members

Contact Information and Nominations Needed

Nominations needed for this coming year!

Dear fellow school counselors,

We have a few openings for the WySCA board for this coming year. Please think about whether you would like to volunteer to join our board. This summer we will be holding a two day board member workshop to learn more about our role as board members as well as to take care of much of the work of our board before the new school year starts.

Positions needed for this coming year include:

- President Elect-Elect (will then move up to President Elect and President over the course of three years)

- Middle School Representative

- Graduate Student Representative

We will take nominations and vote on these positions during our May 1st conference

Board Member Descriptions

The role of the President Elect-Elect is to act in the place of the President Elect at all meetings which the President Elect is unable to attend. To assist the President or President Elect as needed. And to perform such additional duties as directed by the President or President-Elect and to assume the position of the President-Elect upon completion of his/her term as President Elect Elect.

The role of the level representatives is to send out important information throughout the year to their group and to possibly help this year with regional meetings. The representative is the lead person in their level. Counselors can contact their level rep with any questions.