Do What You Love

By Brady Wade

World of Warcraft

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This is the Lich King from World of Warcraft. He is a cool character. I like the back stories about the Lich King which include being the king of the undead.

Job Opportunities:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Computer Programmer

Career Opportunity: Graphic Designer

Yes this fits in with my profile since Designers need to collaborate with others and also follow instructions.

Career Possibility:

I would this job if I was a good graphic designer. I think there would be lots of graphic design jobs in the future.


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I took this picture because it is my brand new longboard. I want to get better at carving and cruising using my board.

Job Opportunities:

  • Retail Skate Shop Owner

Career Opportunity: Retail Skate Shop Owner

This might fit in nicely with my attributes since I could work for myself and I love skateboards.

Career Possibility:

I would consider owning my own skateboard shop. It would be fun to run the shop my own way and get to choose cool skateboards to sell.


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This picture is Cooper our family dog. Dogs are great friends and loyal companions. Cooper makes me happy.

Job Opportunities

  • Dog Walker
  • Veterinarian

Bmx Bikes

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This picture reminds me of my BMX bike. Bikes are fun to rid with friends downtown. Bikes give me freedom to get places on my own.


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I like this picture because my friend drew it. It's a drawing of Bone, the main character of a graphic novel I read.

Job Opportunities:

  • Artist
  • Cartoonist

Career Opportunity: Artist

Even though I'm interested in this field, It might not match up with my attribute checklist.

Career Opportunity: Cartoonist

This might be a better choice if I want to work with other people and under an art director.

Career Possibility:

If I was a good artist I would choose this profession but It might be a difficult field to make enough money.


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I chose this picture because it just looks cool. Archery is a fun activity especially trying to make bullseye shooting at a target.


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These smoothies look tasty. Smoothies taste good and are healthier than sodas.

Job Opportunities:

  • Smoothie Store Employee
  • Smoothie Store Owner


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I chose this picture because Austin Powers always makes me laugh. Movies are fun to watch with friends. I like comedies the best.

Job Opportunities:

  • Cinematographer
  • Actor / Actress


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This picture shows Paintball in action. Even though I've never played Paintball, I'm very interested in trying it.


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I like the way these kind of motorcycles look. Motorcycles are cool and I would like to learn how to ride one day.

Career Opportunities:

  • Motorcycle Riding Trainer
  • Motorcycle Repair

Job Opportunity: Motorcycle Repair

This might be a good choice since I would be dealing with the customer a little bit and I would know how to fix the problem.

Career Possibility:

I don't think I would work at motorcycle repair since the environment would be noisy and dirty.


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Parkour is interesting because you don't need any equipment to do it. You just use the environment around you to perform.

Polished Stones

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I love how polished stones look and feel. This picture shows off how the different colors polished stones can have.