Team SWIFT Weekly News

For the week of March 3rd, 2013

Month End

Team SWIFT ended the month smashing our previous months' numbers.

Our best month to date was November 2012 at $214,189.12.

This month we closed at $354,716.68!

We added 304 designer in the month of February!

Please take time to enjoy your success! It's worth a pat on the back and a day of relaxation!

Frontline TOP Achievers!

Top Personal Volume - Kristi Muscat

Top Team Sales - Suzanne McLendon (Team Aspire)

5 New Designers - Vanessa Ramirez

(Promotions in next week's all team newsletter)

Website issues

As you know, when the Nest works on our site and does major changes, as they are now....things get a bit hairy. Please make sure you team knows how to reset things on their end. Also let them know that calling the nest, isn't going to fix the conflict. This is something that needs to be done on their end.

Here are a few tips.

Firefox and Chrome, along with Safari, are the most compatible browsers.

Clear Cache

Clear Cookies

Shut down and reboot. Restarting does not work, you must shut down.

Another tip for designers who are experiencing seeing the retail prices upon log in.

Log into back office.

Click My Profile
Click Change Password

Change your password
I then went and cleared out cookies and cache
Shut Down
And Voila - in with NO issues.

Customer order issues:

It's important that customer create an account before they start ordering on your website.

This can be done by:

Visit designer website.

Click on Sign in to my Account (Top Right)

Click: Create a Customer Account (right)

Enter personal information making sure the correct designer show at the top next to mentor.

Once the account is created they can log in and start their order!

If it says email already in use this means that they have registered with another designer or the main Origami Owl site. The customer can be switched by THEIR request by emailing This should be done PRIOR to placing the order.

Time to Move Forward!

Big image

Goal Setting!

There are a different ways to calculate or figure out the goals you want to set for yourself or your team.

I use the same theory every month for calculating team goals.

I like to have a Low and a High Goal. I think that as long effort is given, any accomplishment should be celebrated and even if you fall short, you need to look at why, how can you fix it and move on.

This is how I figure out our highs and our lows.

March New Team Member Goal

Low - 305

(Take the previous month and add 1)

High - 340

(Take total recruits of 2 months ago and subtract last months, add the difference to last month)

March Team Volume Goal

Low - $355,000.00

(Take the previous month and round up)

High - $566,229.01

Take the Volume of 2 months ago and subtract last months, add the difference to last month)

I share these goals with various people and analyze a few times throughout the month.

I like the accountability it holds me to.

Big image

Here are 5 steps that will help us stay on track to meet goals:

1. Make a list of the things you need to do each week.

Whenever I feel completely overwhelmed, I'll think to myself have you made a

list? More often than not, I haven't. As soon as I create a "to do" list, I feel better.

A list gives us clarity. Sometimes when we write it down, we realize what we

have to do is doable; other times we realize we are going to have to let

something go, or schedule it further out.

2. In your planner go to your "daily" section. (If you don't have a planner with a daily section, take seven sheets of paper and put one day of the week at the top of each page.) List each day, the things you will do that day. Monday: Take Amber shopping for her Easter dress, grocery shop, hostess coaching calls. Tuesday: Lunch with my sister, booking calls, soccer practice with Joey and so on. (Each day should have no more than 5-7 things listed. You want to feel good about completing the tasks you listed, not guilty because you couldn't get it all done.)

3. Schedule activities, like booking calls, and hostess calls at specific times. Schedule one activity for a block of time. For example, host coaching calls: 5 to 6 p.m. Monday night. Booking calls: 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday night.

4. Doing one activity for a block of time is more effective. Making booking calls for an hour is much more effective than making a couple of booking calls, then a couple of host coaching calls, then a recruiting call. By making just booking calls for one hour, you will get in a "booking mode" and get better results.

5. Stick to the schedule!The beauty of creating a plan like this and sticking to it, is that it eliminates procrastination. It also eliminates guilt! No more thinking,I should be working, when you are with your family, or thinking, I should be with my family, when you are working. You can be totally engaged in a game with your daughter because this is family time, and you can be fully engaged in booking calls because this is work time.

When you put these steps into practice you won't believe how different you feel. You will be amazed at the difference in your results. You WILL be on your way to achieving the goals and dreams you desire.