Natural gas

By.wendy & Preslee

How natural gas is formed?

Millions of years ago, the remains of plants and animals (diatoms) decayed and built up in thick layers,sometimes mixed with sand and silt. Over time layers were buried under sand,silt,and rock.
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Is natural gas a renewable or nonrenewable resource?

Natural gas is nonrenewable. Nonrenewable energy sources come out of the ground as liquids,gases,and solids. Cruide oil (petroleum) is the only commercial nonrenewable fuel that is naturally in liquid form.

How is natural gas used?

Natural gas is used as a fuel to produce steel,glass,paper,clothing, brick,and electricity.

Natural gas is also used in homes in the United States.

The advantages of natural gas

Gas is a ready made fuel. Relativity cheap to attract and to convert into energy .it is a slightly cleaner fuel then coal and oil.
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What are the disadvantages of natural gas?

When burned it give off atmospheric pollutants, including green house gases only Limited supply of gas.

Where is natural gas found most abundantly?

The top 4 places in the world with the most natural gas, are Russia,with 1600 cubic feet, then Iran, with about 1200 cubic feet, then Qatar with about 900 cubic feet,then the last one is Turkmenistanstan with about 850 cubic feet.
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Ways to conserve natural gas

Natural gas routinely wasted in food service operations-draining away profits as well as irreplaceable natural resource. Fortunately there are many easy and in expensive way to lower natural gas consumption in food service operations.

are there any harmful effects to the earth during the prosess of collecting or harnessing of nateral gas?

unconventional oil and gas developmentmay pose health ricks to near by communities through contamination of drinking water, sources with hazardous chemicals used in drilling the wellbore, hydrauilcally fracturing in the well prosessing and refining the oil or gas, or disposing og wastwater.