Iron (Fe)

By: Easton Rock

Introduction to Iron

Iron the most common element found on earth. Pure Iron is softer than aluminum. Iron is the 4th most common element found next to earths crust. Molten Iron cools it crystallizes at 1538 c. Manly most everyday items.
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Story about a Lonely iron

There once was a Lonly man named iron he was in a cave and miners discovered him he was happy to have people around him. Then the miners took him to a factory were they made him into many household things and military weapons.

He was a boat then made into more thing then one day when he was a boat he was destroyed by a air plane. But then the iron was taken and made into a car and he thought it was amazing but then weather picked up.

A few years go by and the iron started to rust because all the rain and heat and snow he was really sad he didn't look like all the other cars so he got even rustier then his owner got things to fix him up and when he was done the iron was as good as new and he was happy again.

The End