ATF agent

What is ATF agent and what does ATF stands for?

ATF agent stands for the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. These agents are highly train special agents that are responsible for investigating violations of Federal laws involving firearms, explosives, arson, alcohol and tobacco diversion. Headquarters located in Washington D.C.

Job Description

ATF agents investigations involve surveillance, interviewing suspects and witnesses, making arrests, obtaining and executing search warrants, and searching for physical evidence. The agents must be physically and mentally tough in order to survive the rigorous training, personal risks, irregular hours, and extensive travel. Special agent are responsible for, Investigating criminal violations of the Federal laws within the enforcement jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice Conducting investigations of violations relating to explosives, firearms, arson, and alcohol and tobacco diversion. Preparing concise criminal investigative case reports. Testifying for the Federal government in court or before grand juries.Gathering and analyzing evidence through investigative leads, seizures, arrests, execution of search warrants.

Unique Aspect Requirements

Special Agent Applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Possess a current and valid automobile operator’s license.
  • Take and pass the ATF special agent exam.
  • Take and pass the ATF special agent applicant assessment test.
  • Take and pass a medical examination by an authorized government physician and meet medical requirements. Medical requirements include:
    • Applicants must be able to perform physically strenuous duties safely.
  • Weight must be in proportion to height.
  • Take and pass a drug test.
  • Take and successfully complete a polygraph examination.
  • Successfully complete a background investigation for a top secret security clearance.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and not older than 36 at the time of appointment. In accordance with Public Law 100-238, this position is covered under law enforcement retirement provisions; therefore, candidates must be appointed before reaching their 37th birthday unless they are a preference eligible veteran OR presently serve or have previously served in a Federal civilian law enforcement retirement-covered position (after subtracting the years/months of prior Federal service worked in a primary law enforcement position, applicants must be less than 37 years of age). The maximum entry age limit was established under the age discrimination prohibitions contained in Section 15 of the Age Discrimination and Employment Act.

Realationships to Forensic Science

Forensic chemists and other specialty ATF technicians provide expert assistance in preparing cases. The career of an ATF Forensic Chemist involves forensic investigations, analysis, and interpretations of compositions, physical and chemical properties, molecular structures and chemical reactions of substances and the amount of matter and energy included in these transformations. This work requires a full professional education as well as training and experience in the field of forensic chemistry. They also participate in crime scene processing and provides instructions to investigate special agents on the proper collection and preservation of physical evidence at the scene.

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Job Locations in Georgia


Down Town Atlanta

Sandy Springs



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