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Bunker Roy is the director of the Barefoot College. This collage is located in India. It was made by him to help the people who do not have enough money get a education. It is open in the day and night for people who are busy during the day. The students also help by inviting things to make it better.


"That's one of the powerful message we're providing through this program: that anybody-anybody-regardless of who it is, whether he or she has been to school or collage, has the capacity to become an engineer or a dentist or an architect or a designer, or work on computers. - Bunker Roy


Since 1972 to 2014 he has helped 500,000 people.


Bunker Roy has influenced many people to do something better for their community. He has also helped many people in India get education while they help by inventing things they can use in the Barefoot Collage.