Influences of Food Choices

By: Kayla Hilton

Food for Physical needs

Your body mainly needs food and water for survival while food and water also helps contour your Hunger, health status, energy status because that's what your body needs to balance out everything out.

Food for Psychological needs

Good foods to boost you mood are eggs, coconut, grass fed beef, dark chocolate, cherry tomatoes, honey, Greek yogurt, blue potatoes, Swiss chard, and mussels. Foods to help your stress and emotions are avocado, berries, cashews, tea, etc. The thing is that some of the foods help with your body image such as avocados and berries.
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Personal Food preference

Your decision on weather the food taste, smell, looks good or not is biased on how your taste buds are. Same thing with what your favorite foods are.

Food availibility

Most food that people like the most are typically distributed during certain seasons such as eggnog and chocolate Easter bunnies. some of those choices are made because they are expensive or only apply with that season
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Social settings

Mealtime such as lunch, breakfast ,and dinner are typically served at certain times. Breakfast is like your day booster for energy and is served around 6- 10:30 am. Lunch is the best part which just refills you and is served around 12:30-1:00 am-pm. Dinner is your biggest meal of the day and is served around 4-8pm. Movies and other events also allow you to eat which can be at anytime.

Society and Culture

Culture is very important and tied in with food because its a big art of the different foods we eat. Many people have traditions that involve eating certain foods