Book Project

Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters

The Charecters

The main person in this book is a boy named Percy Jakson. He is a teenage boy who is also a demigod, Dimegods are people who are not Greek gods but insted they are half human half Greek god. He is the son of the god of the sea Persidion. He is very brave and he will do anyhting to help others. Annabeth is Percy's girlfriend Ad she is very brave and she would do anything for her friends. Tyson is a Cyclops And he is Percy's half brother and he is very kind and he is willing to do anything for his brother. Groover is a sater that is a cross between a goat and a human. He is very kind and he cares much for everyone around him he is also very funny.

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What the characters are doing is the tree that is keeping the tree that makes a barrier around camp half blood is ding it was poisoned by a boy named Luke. So they set out on a journey to go find a golden fleece. This can bring anything back to life and it is guarded by a cyclops. Grover gets captured by Luke on the way to find the fleece and he gets found pretending to be a cyclops. it is a very good book that i give 9 out of 10 stars i would recommend this book to anyone.


The setting of this book is now but it takes place all around the United States they start in a place called camp half blood which is a camp for Demi gods, This camp lets them learn how to control and use their powers. They start at the camp and then go to florida and meetLuke's dad hermes, he is not bad it is just his son. They meet hermes at the ups store and he gives them gifts to help find the fleece. Then they go from there to the coast and they see Luke's ship tyson called for his dad to help and then they get on these mythical creatures they got on the ship and got captured but they get off on a life boat and head to the bermuda triangle they get into some trouble along the way but then they see the island the fleece is on, and they meet with another girl from camp in a monsters stomach so they teemed up and when they get to the island i dint want to spoil it read and find out what happens.