Coach Cantrell's PE Classes

Hello, my name is Rachel!

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Why am I here?

I'm a senior in the Ready, Set, Teach program at CHS, which allows me to pick a teacher to help out from CISD.

My Activities

I am a member of academic and volunteer-oriented clubs at CHS.

  • The National Honor Society
  • DECA
  • Student Council
  • SADD
  • American Red Cross

On my free time I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, volunteering for Special Olympics and local churches.

CHS is a great school that lets you do what you want in an organized manner.

My Favorite Things

I really like: the color blue, dogs, music, sports, video games, and hanging out with my friends.

Life Outside of CHS

I work at the YMCA as a child-watch attendant. I've been there for a year and a half. Having a part-time job in high school is great because you are keeping busy in a positive way. Working with kids is really fun for me because I think they are nice to have around. I have one other sibling who is 23, and I also have a dog who is 15 and her name is Duchess.

Plans After High School

I plan on being a high school biology teacher when I am older. I would love to go to UT, TCU, or A&M for college, and I am currently in the stage of applying.