Mark Twain's life

By:Stormie Schmuecker


  • He was born November 30,1835
  • He was born in Florida Missouri
  • He was the 6th child of John Marshall and Jane Clemons
  • His real name is Samuel Clemons
  • His dad owned a slave

Early Childhood

  • They moved 35 miles east of town to Hannibal
  • he had poor health and kept in doors
  • he lived on the Mississippi River
  • his uncle owned several slaves
  • He was the age 4 when he moved


  • Mark Twain was a genius
  • He was the father of American Literature
  • his religion is atheist
  • Samuel completed fifth grade when he left school
  • He was a pilot and worked at a printers office


  • He had a Multifaceted career
  • he used to work as a store keeper
  • he is a author
  • he was a land Specter
  • he edited newspapers when his brother Orion was gone


  • he has 3 sibling
  • He has 3 kids
  • A wife
  • A granddaughter
  • A mom and dad


  • he liked to write books
  • he also loved frogs
  • he liked playing hookey
  • he did lectures
  • he did public speaking for his books he wrote


  • He died April 21,1910
  • he married Olivia Clemons in 1870
  • His son lived for 2 years
  • Mark had 6 siblings
  • He published 30 books throughout his career