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Nicaragua is a beautiful country in Central America. Nicaragua has a great history and you will be amazed at first sight.
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Whats' the Geography...

This country is not an island but it sure has a lot of geogrphical features that are beautiful.

Most people in Nicaragua live in the NorthWest and around Lake Mangua.

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua.

Lake Nicaragua, Lake Managua, and the Grande River

Mountains- Cordillera Isabella, Cordillera Dariense, and Cordillera los Maribios

Chain of 17 volcanoes along the coast of the Pacific.

Mosquito Coast- coastal strip of swamp, lagoon, and tropical forest along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.


People in Nicarqagua take their traditions very seriously.

The patron Saint of Nicaragua is James the Greater.

Many of the U.S holidays are the same as the Nicaraguan holidays.

One of the main holidays is Semana Santa, which is the day leading to Easter Sunday.


People in Nicaragua usually were dresses including the men.

The dresses usually hasve lots of colors, and this demenstrates the countries colorful and fun side.


People in Nicaragua eat a variety of things. THey eat fruits and vegetables such as corn, but they also eat a range of animal parts such as hooves, skin, udders, and stomach of different animals.


Yes, there are indeed a range of different races living in Nicaragua.

Some may be, West Asian, Arab, Latin Amarican, South Asian, Chinese, Korean, Japenese, Southeast Asian, FIillipino, and ETC.

Places to See

Important Landmarks

Volcanic Landscape.

Old cities such as León and Granada has old architecture.

Little explored forests may historical monuments

Major Cities and Population

Managua- 973,087 León-144,538 Masaya-130,113

Tourist Areas In in Nicaragua

Beach- San Juan Del Sur

Ometepe Island- island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua

Old and Historical Cities- Granada and Leon

Interesting Facts

Main Language


Major Religions

Roman Catholics is the predominant religion

When Did Nicaragua Become Independent

September 15, 1821

Big Events In Nicaraguan History

Nicaragua gains independence from Spain and joins Mexican Empire

!838 is when Nicaragua became fully independent

A rebel group overthrows the government

Famous People from Nicaragua

Bianga Jagger- spokesperson in Amenity International.

Ruben Dario- Famous Poet

Arlen Sic- First Martyrs of the Revolution

Cool Facts

National Bird- Turquoise- Browed Mot mot

Spanish Out-post in 1500's

Fruits grown in Nicaragua- mango, bananas, plantain, sapodilla, jocote, coffee, pineapple, ETC...