Similar Figures using Scale -Unit 5

Practice What We Do In Class

Do You Need More Examples - Take A Look At Our Textbook


Take a peek in the textbook pages mentioned below for the concepts we learned in class. Since this until relies heavily on fractions, we spent the first week reviewing fractions with all operations in simplist form, and the second week discussing the attributes that define similarity. The pages in the text book offer examples for similar figures only and will give you extra problems to practice. If your child DID NOT bring a copy of the textbook home ask them to come and see their teacher to get a copy! In addition, students should refer to the notes we used in class.

McGraw Hill Volume 1

7.5 A - Critical Attributes of Similar Figures - pg. 321-326

7.5C - Scale Drawings - pg. 309-314

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What about if the object is flipped - Create a plan - follow the colors and use your angles as reference!

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Remember - By definition if figures are similar, they have sides that are proportional and angles that are congruent

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Using proportions to find a missing size of other objects or scale on a map