Poem Anthology

By: Payton Cox


Payton Cox is fourteen years old and was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Payton spends her time listening to music and dancing. Payton is known to be.. on the dark side.

Where I'm From

I am from skateboards, from Converse and combat boots.

I am from the gloomy house (Dark, but loud, the people that never sleep).

I am from the bright summers and the sleet winters.

I am from crazy Christmas parties and the judgmental, from Davis and Cox’s generation.

I am from the close-minded and hypocritical.

From be polite and be selfless.

I am from churches and Bible studies, now none at all

I'm from little towns, steak and southern sweet tea.

From the bruises on my knees, the broken ribs of my cousin, and the messed up teeth of my father.

I am from the family pictures that hang upon my walls; that dangle in my memories.

Structure Poem


overwhelming thoughts float through my mind. swallowing me whole.

thought… after thought… after thought…

hands begin to shake. people begin to stare. fear begins to arise.

thought… after thought… after thought…

heart beat begins to speed up. adrenaline begins to start pumping. body begins to start aching.

thought… after thought… after thought..

my mind is a ticking time bomb. thoughts racing through my mind. drowning me

thought… after thought… after thought...

until silence takes over my mind.


Ode to Dexter

Eight years ago,

I was granted a new puppy,

Petite, chocolate brown

And just a ball of joy

With little paws as white as clouds.

Squeaky toys would yelp

As my dog fetched them,

Tiny claws scrape across the floor

As he slides trying to stop him

Bringing happiness to the whole family

Eight years ago,

I was granted a new puppy,

And to this day he still slides across the floor

Still petite and chocolate brown,

With a hint of grey in his short fur

As he gets older,

We learn to love him even more

Ode to this tiny puppy

That brought laughter into our house

And continues to bring laughter.



"What is life, without a little death?"

So one would say.

Such little breath

Leading you astray.

Death can bring back so many memories

Clouding your mind with love and hate.

Oh sweet death how you fill the sensories

Waiting to take the bait.

People say loving death is scary

I say loving death is lovely.

Simple, easy, like a fairy

Though it can get a little ugly.

Lovely death let me breathe

But never let me seethe.


My favorite type of poetry to write throughout this unit was the structure poem. I liked this form because it could show the true meaning of the poem and it required a lot of creativity to be put in. I wanted to show the reader my emotions in my everyday life through my structure poem. My own emotions are a big part of my poetry.