Living with Injuries

By: Marisa Sanchez

The Issue

The issue is, America's can not live with injuries due to lack of support, finically, medically, and physically. Being betrayed by the country they have given their lives for. "One out of every ten veterans alive today was seriously injured at some point while serving in the military" (Morin). The injuries that the veterans have encounter sometimes have lifetime consequences and impact on them. Post-traumatic stress (PTS) are one of the most common things veterans go through during and after their long term injury and later on they're less likely to be in a overall good health stage to be able to maintain a full time job (Morin). Most soldiers find it that their government is not full-filling their needs. Even if they are meeting some type of needs it is just not enough.

How America Vs. How The Military View The Issue

Americans show their feelings to the ones who have severed on the outside of their personality but the actual truth is they could care less about their lives outside the battle field. Military feels abused and unappreciated about the way they are welcomed days after the end of their service. Even steeling from donations programs that are for the military are going on and yet the american people "care". As said by Glasser "Before you start donating your hard earned dollars, find out how much of that money is going to your chosen charity by checking out the Charity Navigator website for yourself by clicking here." (Glasses) American views Military with the blinded eye while the Military personal see it all.

Programs that help with diasibilty

There are many programs out there that help veterans who have living injuries. Not only do veterans live with physical injuries but internal and mentally as well. The Army Wounded Warrior program is one of those programs that help veterans live with their injuries. The program help advocate for soldiers who are ill, wounded or severely injured (AW2 Eligibility and Enrollment). The program help veterans by providing space for them to hang out, as well as tell war stories and also help provide financial help for the wounded warriors. Veterans enjoy this program because it builds their self esteem and lets veterans know that there is support and help. Veterans feel like the wounded warrior program is a good charity that helps soldiers who got wounded to feel better about themselves and learn how to live with their injury on a regular daily basis.

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