A Better Life !

New Beginnings.


I'd like to invite you the American Colony Georgia. With a goal to help the less fortunate citizens of London, James Oglethorpe established the colony in 1732. In the summer of 1730 Oglethorpe and 21 other men went to King George to ask for land southwest of South Carolina. In June of 1732 Oglethorpe and his men received a charter from the king and funding from Parliament. The colony is named after King Georgia II as that was part of the charter. The Georgia colony as of now is the last colony founded 50 years after the other 12. William Stephens was later named President as Oglethorpe focused on the defense of the colony during war with Spain. The colony provides a refuge for persecuted protestants and a military presence between the other colonies.

A Way Of Life!

Not dominated by a specific religion which give way to religious freedom for Baptists, Anglicans and others. The warm climate makes it possible to grow crops throughout the year and is suited for plantations. Georgia offers many natural resources such as fish, forests (timber) and good agricultural land. Georgia resources are traded for items that can not be made on plantation such as shoes, lace, thread, farm tools, and dishes. Why would you want to live here ? Some of our plantations are massive !