Ancient China

By: Mo, Ketak, Angelique


  • seen as a violation of god, sin
  • male doctors didn't directly examine women
  • women would point to a certain spots on an ivory doll
  • used acupuncture to treat alignments; still used today

Ivory doll

Since males doctors couldn't touch, or directly treat women, women used ivory dolls to show where they needed to be treated.
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  • spread across asian continent, eventually used world wide
  • started using stones, progressed to animal bones, then bamboo needles
  • used life sized bronze figures to show where to put the needles
  • students used for practice, covered the statues in wax, and inserted the needles
  • used to treat alignments
  • practitioners stimulate points on the body
  • eases many types of pain: back, neck, knee
  • effects both the body and brain
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Medical herbs used to treat diseases: