Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 19

Math, Science, Social Studies

January 11-15

All of the kids were so wonderful last week after coming back from Christmas break! From day one, everyone jumped right into the routine! I am so proud of them! We will be moving right along, getting busier as we approach the weeks leading up to our IOWA testing. We will be practicing test taking skills for a few weeks, so please make sure your child arrives on time.

(100th Day of School Fashion Show is approaching. Look for a note to come home this week from Ms. Crowson regarding the date and details. Pinterest has a lot of good ideas!)

Test Schedule

Wednesday: Chapter 11

Science and Social Studies: Project Grade

Homework Packet

Due on or before Friday, January 11th

Packet includes:

  • Math: 11.5-12.2
  • Social Studies: Read & Highlight 2 details on The Amazing Dr. King article.

Please contact me if you feel your child (and you) would be interested in an "Enriched" homework pack in place of the current homework level. Some students have expressed their feelings that the current homework level is too easy for them. In our discussion, I told them there are enriched homework activities that are in line with the lesson topic but include more reading and writing and often more problems to solve. As this may involve more help on your part, I wanted to have parent approval before sending home. You can try the new pack out and see if it works for you. I will send the enriched homework with your child after receiving your approval. I feel that several are up to the challenge. Just send an email saying YES! to the new pack. If you are not interested, no response is needed.


We will finish Chapter 11 on Tuesday and will have a chapter test on Wednesday.

We will also continue to work on Excel lessons daily. Please review excel lessons as they come home. We will start Chapter 12 on Wednesday.

Math Test Study Guide:

  • Vocabulary: More Than, Less Than, Equal To, Before, After

  • Write the number before, after, or between a given number
  • Color the ordinal position given
  • Circle one group of ten, estimate and then count
  • Circle the number that is greater
  • Circle the number that is less
  • Compare numbers with symbols <.>,=


We will finish our Science of Snow lesson this week with a close reading and writing activity. Students will finish their Book of Big Words this week. Look for those to come home and ask your child to retell you what they have learned.

Social Studies Focus This Week:

We will work in our Maps,Globes,and Graphs book as well as learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. with reading and writing activities. We will also have discussion activities and a craft if time allows. The BrainPOP video below is a free video that we will watch to introduce our lesson this week.

Book Orders

Thanks Paras and Evan (moms!) for your book order! We are just $30 away from our book order goal for January! Thank you!
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Ms. Lyons' Class Code: N8L6R. Every book you order earns free books for our classroom!