Family History

By: Yaalinee

Where am I from / Place of Origin

  • I am from India.
  • In India, it was good there, and it was a country of great history.

More about India

  • India is a country in southern Asia that ranks as the second largest country in the world in population.
  • India has been home to several major empires and civilizations through the ages.
  • There are four principal languages of southern India—Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.
  • Most of India's people live in villages. Most villagers are farmers who work in nearby fields. A typical Indian village is a collection of mud-and-straw dwellings.


  • We got to the US by airplane.
  • We arrived here in the year 1969.
  • We moved here because my ancestor got a job in the computer field.

Journey/ Experiences

  • The journey was a long one - nearly two days.
  • When we got here, we settled in Pittsbergh, Pensilvania and started a daily life.
  • Life was different and exiting at the same time.
  • The experience was difficult, because they didn't know how to communicate with the locals.
  • They adapted to living here by going for language classes and adapting to the system.
  • The US is very different from where we are from, because the food, culture and language were different.


  • My artifacts once belonged to my great grandfather and great grandmother.
  • My artifacts are more than 75 yrs old.
  • The artifacts are from Coimbature, India.
  • These artifacts are special to our family because, multiple generations owned and used the artifacts. That brings sentimental value.
  • The artifacts purposes are to live in it, cook with it, and to make money with it.

More about Artifacts

  • My great grandfather and great grandmother passed these artifacts down to me.
  • The artifacts are also worth more now than when my parents were young.
  • The artifact was made by building and fixing.
  • The artifact changed through time in the way that it got older and renovations for modernization were made.