"The Giver" Memories

MMS AIG Extension Opportunity

Open your mind to "out of the ordinary" learning experiences...

Recommended students have the opportunity to get "out of the box" and perhaps even out of their comfort zones in order to extend their thinking about Lois Lowery's book - The Giver. Related topics are explored as student interest warrants. These topics include but are not limited to: banned (not band) books, visual, auditory and kinesthetic process modes -and how an appreciation and awareness of these can enhance our reading, writing and relationships, and the 2013 released movie The Book Thief based on the book with the same title.

Three sessions over a three week period - prior to Winter Break!

Students work to be recommended out of regularly scheduled Language Arts class based upon class performance. Teachers are looking for higher level thinking and language arts performance in order to make these recommendations to work with MMS AIG Specialist, Jackie Current.

Some of our top students:

Does this mean more work for me? How do I know if I am meeting expectations? What are my expectations for myself? Are the methods used in this work uncomfortable for the average student? How is this experience different from other classes at my school? How is my work graded when I am working on special projects with my AIG Specialist? What do my fellow students have to say AIG opportuities at Martin? How can I become more involved in all this program has to offer? What information is available to my parents about my involvement in AIG differentiated learning extensions? Follow the link to the Martin MMS AIG Blackboard site to participate in a student blog to address these and other questions related to our work.

We are Martin AIG

Dedicated to differentiation for students based on classroom performance not labels! Exploring the broadest possibilities for motivating and engaging a variety of learning styles in an atmosphere conducive to small group interaction, immediate feedback from peers and instructor(s) and student accountability for learning.
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I will remember you. A special thanks for these fine examples of going above and beyond the assignment for the benefit of others.

Student Credits

E. Bancroft - for the inspiration to include music as a motivator and marker of our honest experiences of this opportunity together...

L. Muir - for the celebration of our shared experiences and successes in the form of cupcakes!

E. Trowell - for superior vocabulary and skills in big picture perspectives used to collaborate with AIG Specialist in creating and editing this culminating project via SMORE.