The Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Daphnie Tian

Background Information

The Arab-Israeli Conflict has been going on for around 3,000 years. It started when the Babylonians destroyed one of the Jewish Temples in the Jew's original home, Judea. The Jews rebuilt the temple, but then the Romans came and conquered their home and renamed Judea as Palestine. Then, the Arabs conquered the land and has been living there for thousands of years. The Jews want their land back, all to themselves, and so they began to fight for it. This started the Arab-Israeli Conflict.


Since the Jews want the land all to themselves, the Jews and Muslims won't want to split the land. In this case, the Jews and Muslims won't be able to compromise on the land. This solution has to be fair to both sides, so we can't just make the Jews stop fighting, or make the Muslims move to a different place. There are two simple solutions to this problem. They can both share the land, and even though the Jews might not be so happy about it, I think it might be the only fair way. Or there is the second way. The Jews and the Muslims can combine into one religion. They won't be sharing the land, since it's only one religion, and nobody has to stop fighting or leave. As long as both sides are willing to do one of these things, the problem will be solved.