Paying Teachers PK-5 for Bilingual

We want you to consider adding a bilingual certification

Robstown ISD will pay you to attend 5 day Bilingual Certification Training

RISD will be sponsoring PAID bilingual training June 15, 16, 17 AND June 20, 21. Training is open to teachers currently teaching grades PK-5 or secondary teachers already elementary certified in those areas and willing to be reassigned. You must attend all 5 days of training. The salary for attending the training will not exceed $25 per hour or $150 per day (total not to exceed $1505.00). In addition, RISD will reimburse you for the SBEC certification exams if you pass. You must agree to register for and attempt the exams July 23-30 at an approved testing location.

  • Free 5 day training held in RISD
  • Teachers are paid $25 per hour to attend the training (not to exceed 6 hrs per day)
  • Free study materials and books
  • Register and pass the exams-TExES Bilingual Education Supplemental exam and the TExES Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT).
  • If you are assigned to teach a bilingual classroom you would earn a yearly stipend of $1,250.00. Employees that are certified but do not teach a bilingual class will not be offered a stipend.
  • Link for more information about SBEC certification exams.
  • Training will only be offered if we have 4 or more RISD participants, but we may be able to send you out of the district if the RISD course does not have enough participation.

Email Dr. Schwind for more information or to be considered for future training opportunities.