5th Grade Newsletter

End of Week 3

You did it!!! You made it! We are almost through 3 weeks of school! You have come a long way since day 1. You have learned so many computer skills that will help you in todays tech savvy word. You will continue to grow this year and before you know it MOA will be as easy as pie :)

UpComing Dates to Remember

  • Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day Holiday (You will still have course access to work on past due assignments.)

  • Tuesday, September 18th: Online Paragon Night for K-HS Paragon @ 8:30pm Eastern

  • Wednesday, September 19th: Paragon Night for CA and AZ
  • Thursday, September 27th: 1st Parent Education Meeting @ 8:30pm Eastern in Collaborate

Mrs. Sarah Zayas

Live Collaborates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 2pm CA/AZ time, 3pm CO time