Karl Flormoe For President

"America Will Flow Better With Flormoe"

Basic Facts About Karl Flormoe:

  • Karl is 62 years old.
  • He is 5'3'' and 180 lbs.
  • Born in Rochester Minnesota, grew up in West Concord.
  • Currently a registered Democrat.
  • He believes in the Christian Faith and goes to church weekly.
  • Lives in Fountain Hills Arizona with his lovely wife Carol Flormoe of (how many years). Has a daughter named Natalie who is now married Robert Rhodes.
  • Personal life goal is to achieve enough financial security so that when he retires Carol and himself can live comfortably.

Past Experiences

  • Karl has Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and has done some graduate work in public administration.
  • He has worked at Mayo Clinic for 28+ years, and has worked at a hotel for management, retail sales, construction, and a factory. Also owned his own business as a jeweler where he made countless items of jewelry.

Hobbies and Interests

  • He loves to spend time outside in his backyard pool.
  • Visit family throughout the states.
  • Goes on a yearly cruise with Carol.
  • Loves to travel throughout Arizona and see different historical sites.

Goals for America

  • He would like to make America a better place to live for those in the lower and middle classes. He believes that they are the members of the country that are running it.
  • He would also like to make sure that the businesses that are not paying their taxes are paying their fair share just like everyone else.
  • Have the legalization of Gay Marriage and Abortion.

Contriversial Issues

  • Gay Marriage- Karl thinks that gay couples should have the right to have a happy and fulfilling life with their partner. They should also have the right to be able to raise children.
  • Abortion- He believes in the right of a woman to choose whether or not she will have a child. While the input of the father may be important, if they are a family unit.
  • Marijuana- He has seen the first had benefits of medical marijuana, as people in Arizona have the right. I would not however support the right of all people to use it.
  • Right To Bear Arms- Karl believes it is a very important right in our constitution. However, there have to be some limits. He also don't see the need for people to own something like an AK47. Guns were invented to kill. They weren't invented for target practice.

Vice President Martina McBride

  • Martina is now 48 years old, with the height of 5'2'' and 150 lbs. was born in Sharon Kansas.
  • Full Name Martina Mariea Schiff.
  • She believes in the Christian Faith.
  • She is a registered Republican
  • Lives in Nashville Tennessee with her husband John McBride and their three daughters.
  • She is currently a Country singer.
  • Has helped with countless charities, spokesperson for ASPCA, National Domestic Violence Hotline.
  • She was born a farm girl and grew up helping her father on the farm and her mother in the cabinetry shop that she owned.
  • She loves to spend time with her family and of course writes songs in her free time.
  • She has very strong opinions on some controversial topics including abortion, gay marriage, immigration, and taxing the middle class.
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