TCAP Reading Challenge

Over 300,000 pages read

TCAP Reading Challenge

Monday, Mar 4th, 7am to Friday, Mar 15th, 3:30pm

Arvada West High School


  • 9th and 10th grade advisement groups compete against one another.
  • 11th and 12th grade advisement groups compete against one another.
  • All pages (academic and choice) count toward each student’s page totals.
  • Advisement teacher’s pages count too!
  • Each student has their own personal tracking sheet (Student Weekly Tracking Record) to record text name and pages read by date.
  • Each Advisement Teacher reviews the Student Weekly Tracking Record and records the total pages read for the class on the on the AWEST Wildcats Reading Incentive Tracking Record form which will be turned into the library
  • Page totals (AWEST Wildcats Reading Incentive Tracking Record) must be submitted to the library by the end of advisement on:
    • Friday March 8 (for pages read March 4-7)
    • Monday March 11 (for pages read March 8-10)
    • Friday March 15 (for pages read March 11-14)
  • Updates of the leader board will happen via the student announcements.
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 19. Prizes will be delivered that same day during Advisement.
  • All student forms must be submitted at the end of the contest (Friday March 15th). The library will create a list of novels read by students and these titles will be promoted in multiple ways.


Winning Advisement Classes:

Breakfast Burrito/Sandwich, Cinnamon Rolls and Juice

· $10 voucher for each student to the Scholastic Book Fair (March 18-21)

· $10 Barnes and Noble gift card for the top student in each winning class (highest number of pages)

Runner-up Advisement Classes & Drawing Winner:

Cinnamon Rolls and Juice

*Since not all Advisement classes are the same size, an average will be used to determine the winning class.

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