Age of Reform

By:George, Danny, Crisel, Katy, Brianna, Matthew

Slavery Abolition (Matthew & Danny)

Slavery Abolition

Some people want to keep slavery. But there are those who want abolish slavery so people came up with Slavery Abolition. The people who came up with it's goal is to end slavery. Angelina and Sarah Grimke were examples of daughters of slave holders but moved to Pennsylvania. In 1817 a minister named Robert Finely started the american colonization society, David Walker was one such person, William Lloyd garrison published and abolitionist newspaper, this newspaper was called the liberator it first appeared in 1813. Abolitionists were the minority, many ways to spread message to ban slavery, wrote newspaper articles and pamphlets poetry literature, example: The liberator many reasons why to ban slavery, Garrison published a newspaper helped American Anti Slavery Society.

Education and the Common School Movement - George

Poor education, school teachers were untrained, taught for a short amount of time, taught in small poorhouses, different people receive different education.

Leader: Horace Mann, He played an important role because he had the leading voice for education he wanted education to strive, He explained the idea of, common school, state school budget was doubled,

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