Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins are tall, black, white and a little bit of orange. they live in Antarctica. When they are walking if there feet are tired they slide on the ice with their bellies. When they are walking they take small steps.

When they reproduct they go to a place where there is heavier ice so the ice dosen't break. when the female lays the egg she gives it to the father and he keeps it warm while the mother goes to the sea to eat. The egg will likely hatch while the mothers are away so sometimes the fathers have to cough a milky white substance into the babies mouth so it dosen't die. So the baby can live the father has to go without food for 125 days while the mothers is away. When the mum comes back she has an over stuffed belly so she gives some of it to the baby and thats how they feed them until they can live by themselves.

Emperor Penguins can dive to 200m.