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Week of October 4th, 2021

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Monday, Oct. 4

  • 9:00 am - 2nd Grade Weather Presentation with Mr. Jay Prater
  • 3:45 pm - After School Science Club

Tuesday, Oct. 5

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Thursday, Oct. 7

Friday, Oct. 8

  • "Sock it to Bullying" - Wear Crazy Socks!
  • 8:50 am - Virtual Pep Rally



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Making the Magic Happen!

These students were recognized at the Friday virtual pep rally meeting for being a Shining All-Star Student!

Monroe H., Traeshawn W., Presley E., Beckett C.,

Daela P., Kasen R., Easton F., Zaher A.

Keringtyn C., Audrianna M., Barrett T.


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Dear Parents,

We would like to ask your help in addressing an issue that we have experienced this year at our high school sporting events.

Some of our middle school and older elementary school students are playing sports, running and engaging in other horseplay during athletic events, and this has created safety concerns both for those students and others in attendance. While this isn’t a new phenomenon, the problem has escalated this year to the point we are reaching out to you for help.

We would like to set some clear expectations for high school athletic events:

  • We will not allow balls to be brought into the stadium, gym or other event venue.
  • Students are not allowed on the drainage ramps on either end of the home bleachers. There are signs asking for everyone to stay off those areas for your own safety.
  • Students engaging in running, horseplay or other dangerous activities will be asked to leave the venue, and may be banned from future events.
  • Students are expected to sit in the stands and watch the game.
  • We strongly encourage parental supervision at these games to ensure proper behavior.
  • Middle school and elementary school students who attend the event without a parent or guardian will have their parents contacted and removed from the event if they misbehave.

We want our sporting events to be places where we gather as a community and celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Please join us as we work to make these games a safe environment for all who attend.


Amanda Grier, Principal

Andover Central High School

Leslianne Craft, Principal

Andover Central Middle School


Thursday, November 11th - Veterans Day

The school is honoring Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11th. If you or a family member are a Veteran, Firefighter, Policeman or Policewomen, please email a photo of them to Rhona Harvey, to include in our slideshow honoring these brave individuals. Include their name, rank, student's name, and their relationship to the student.

Thank you


Are you interested or willing to be a representative on the Food Services Advisory Committee?

The Andover Food Service Advisory Committee’s (FSAC) primary objective is to increase participation, ensure quality customer service as well as quality food from the Andover Public Schools Food Service Program and Opaa! Food Management Company. In order to achieve this objective, the committee reviews recipes and provides suggestions for menu planning. The FSAC works in a proactive way to offer recommendations on future food service offerings and to address issues affecting satisfaction, food quality and customer service. The committee welcomes input from students, parents, and staff regarding the Food Service Program. The FSAC focuses on improving communication within the school district as well as throughout the community concerning the food service program. Individuals serve on the committee in a voluntary capacity and are greatly appreciated.

If you are interested, please contact Bonnie Scarth 316.218.4603 or

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