Junior High Math Updates

September 2015

Scores are In!

The math standards for STAAR have been set. The new data file was uploaded to Aware by Dr. Bolen yesterday.

7th Grade Conversion Tables

8th Grade Conversion Tables

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Think Through Math

Kerry Gain has purchased Think Through Math for us to fill in the gap until it is funded for us! We are waiting on Think Through Math to process the purchase order. Once that is complete, WISD technology will upload students. I will be meeting our representative from Think Through Math next week so that she can share the updates that have been made. I will let you know once the upload has been done and share the updates with you.

7th Grade Learning Targets Unit 2

Remember the Google Doc is also linked under the Unit Resources:

7th Grade Learning Targets Unit 2

8th Grade Learning Targets Unit 3

Remember the Google Doc is also linked under the Unit Resources:

8th Grade Learning Targets Unit 3

McGraw-Hill Login Information

Link: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do


Password: 4ConnectED

Student user name: WISD-Student ID Number (6 digit)
Student Password: First initial of first name and first initial of last name. both capitalized and birthdate (example Allen Adams born 02/04/2000 - AA02042000)

Google Docs - Unpacking and Planning Document

I have taken an existing planning document and made some changes to it to accommodate the Fundamental Five (the daily plan can be copy and pasted into your planner). I want to share it with you if you still need a document to assist in unpacking the IFDs as well as preparing a calendar and lesson planning. Since it is in Google, several can work on it at a time or update as needed. If you decide to use it, please make a copy and rename it for your use. Please let me know if you would like any help with it. For Burnett teachers, I know your unpacking document has been adjusted this year. If you would like me to upload it to Google Docs, please let me know.

Planning Document

Getting to Know You

If you haven't completed the Getting to Know You Survey, it can be found here. I will share the answers with everyone to help us connect with one another.