Cyber Safety

How to talk to your kids about safely using the internet.

What is cyber safety?

Cyber safety is understanding the dangers online, and using smart, educated decisions when using the internet. With kids, teens, and adults relying on the internet as much as we do these days, it is helpful to learn tips and ideas for how to speak to your kids about being a safe and smart digital citizen!

Make sure your child feels like they have a trusted adult who they can share information with- this includes all types of information: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Don't forget...

Don't forget- YOU'RE in charge! You have the right to:

  • Take charge by establishing ground rules and guidelines, researching your technology purchases, and reporting potential cyber bullies or online predators.
  • Monitor what your children are looking at on the internet, parental controls are there for a reason!
  • Communicate with your kids about what they're doing online. Don't take away their internet if you're not happy, discuss how they can become a safer digital citizen.

Check out these great resources!

  • (this is a great interactive website for your kids to check out)

Today's Presenters:

Jenni Learnard- 2nd grade teacher, Barrow County;

Donna Sikes- Media Specialist, Savannah, GA;

Dongho Kim- Ph.D student in Learning, Design, and Technology;