6 Traits of Writing

Paige Emig

6 Trait Of Writing

6 trait of writing are ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions.


Ideas is a very impotent in the 6 traits of writing. You need to choose a topic that interest you. It need to include details such as facts, examples, thought, and feelings.


In order to have a good paragraph or a assay you need to be organized. To be organized you need to have your topic sentence, main ideas, and detail sentences.


Voice is where you speak in a engaging way that keep the readers want to keep reading.

Word Choice

Word choice is very impotent because if you have boring word the reader is not going to love to read you paragraph. You need to use specific nouns and verbs. Use exciting adverbs and adjectives! If you are a person that is not very good and thinking of words like me a thesaurus is helpful.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency is where you can't have allot of short choppy sentences so you need to convert them in to longer sentences. You need to use a variety of sentences beginnings. Use simple and complex sentences to make your paragraph better.


To have conventions you need to use you evaluation sheet to revives. Use C.O.P.S as a editing tool.

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The Writing Process Rap

Writing Process

The writing process is brainstorm, prewriting, rough draft, revising, editing, and publishing.


Brainstorm is where you put all your ideas on paper.


Prewriting is when you do your t- table or your number notes. Also in prewriting you make your t-table. A t-table is a table that has you number notes on it.

Rough Draft

Rough draft is when you write you write your paragraph and if you don't like how you worded something or you don't have capitals or end mark here is where you change those things. What I do is I have a trusted adult or even a student look it over and add changes.


Revising is another step where you add more changes. Changes like, adding sentences and the meager things.


Editing is where you are getting every thing ready for publication.


Publishing is the last step in the writing process and the most exiting in my opinion. Publishing is where you type it up and make it look pretty and you let the whole world or you class mates see you paragraph.

Color Scheme

Color scheme is you green sentences or known as you topic sentences. Your yellow sentence your supporting sentences. Then you pink or red are your detail sentences. Then your last on is green witch is your conclusion sentences.