Principal's Friday Memo

Week of April 15-20

April Important Events/Dates

15 Iowa Make-up Tests

16 Mobile Dairy (grades Mont-3rd) 9:00am

17 1st and 2nd grades Field Trip (Challenger)

17 Kinder Field Trip (Dolphin Watch)

18 Holy Thursday/NOON DISMISSAL (no lunch served)

19 Good Friday/NO SCHOOL

21 EASTER SUNDAY ( SAS performance choir singing at 10:00 Mass)

22 Easter Monday/NO SCHOOL (Earth Day)

23 Progress Reports

25 Montessori Field Trip (Gladys Porter Zoo)

26 3rd Grade Field Trip ( Grace Heritage Farms)

26 4th Grade Field Trip (Birding Center)

26 StuCo Dance

News & Reminders

  • The following teachers will be hosting summer camp classes: Coach Salas, Mr. Dimas, Mrs. Lozano, Mrs. LaBeau , Ms. A. Gonzalez and Ms. Valdez. A flyer with camp descriptions is posted in the office and one on the front door of the school. A flyer will be sent out via REMIND soon. If parents should inquire, please ask them to speak to one of the teachers listed above. The office will not be taking money or signing up students for the various camps. This is a great opportunity for teachers, students and families. Thanks to those of you that are making this summer commitment!
  • Summer Camp teachers, you may send out your flyers beginning the 1st of May.
  • Teacher contracts will be going out on May 1st (unless there is a hold up at the Diocesan level). Once, you receive your contract, sign up with Maggie for an appt. with Father Larry.
  • All returning employees must meet with Fr. including paraprofessionals and office staff.
  • Professionalism: We are only mid-April and we must continue to remain professional at all times. This is the time that prospective parents may be in the building and first impressions matter. The following habits have been observed and need to be curtailed: carrying around coffee or drinking bottles in and out of class (water or coffee is fine, but should stay on your desk), teeth flossing in public, sloppy dress on Friday jeans day, late to duties and early to lunch (must wait for 11:00 bell to ring).
  • We still have seven weeks of school so teaching and learning must continue at a high level. It will go by fast!
  • All initiatives, programs, changes in procedures must be approved by me.
  • On a more positive note, many, many great things are happening on campus such as: the stations of the cross are beautiful--job well done teachers and students, faculty involvement in the Batmittion challenge with students, faculty and staffs' willingness to help each other with extra duties or volunteering for committees, coming to work even when you don't feel so great--your commitment speaks volumes and does not go unnoticed. Thanks for all you do!




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