Gas Vans

Karim Taal


Gas Vans were an addition to the many gas chambers used to eliminate the Jews. These mobile chambers were equipped with air tight compartments that were loaded up with people. From there the exhaust fumes from the engine were pumped into the van. The carbon monoxide caused suffocation and also monoxide poisoning which resulted in death. The gas van was invented by the Soviet Union in 1936 by Isay Berg. Before gas chambers and vans the victims were shot one by one. This was too much for the executioners so the solution was to tie up multiple of them, plug their mouths and throw them inside an enclosed van disguised as a bread truck.

The Nazi Gas Chambers

Media Evaluation

This video presents the many different ways the Nazis killed the Jews. The variation of shooting them one by one to loading 70-80 people in a van and exhausting them to death. In the end the goal of the Germans was to eliminate the Jews and they had to find a solution to this. Gas vans and chambers were most practical and efficient in completing the task. When they would shoot them one by one it was a lot for the execution to handle. With the vans they could kill many with ease. Like mentioned above, the only downside was it was very loud as the victims were slowly dying. The Nazis came up with many different inventions with the intent of complete annihilation.