Looking Back on March

What a Busy Month!

We had a lot of things going on in March. The theme for the month was careers. Students learned about various jobs and interviewed people about their occupations throughout the month. On the right, we see a picture of Nathaniel from 186Q, interviewing Mr. Steve, one of our custodians, as part of career month. Some classes went on field trips in March, and P224Q had our first-ever Social Studies Fair.

Getting Into The Theme

The P224Q students were in full swing learning about careers during the month of March.

Field Trip

On March 31, classes: K01, K02 and K03 from the 186Q site went on a field trip to the Queens Science Museum.

Social Studies Fair

March 10th Was The Big Event!

The biggest event of the month was the P224Q, the first-ever Social Studies Fair. All of our sites participated. Four-hundred students and parents came by to see the projects specially created for the event.
Big picture

It's all smiles as Mr. Toscano, from 186, greets students and staff from 314 as they enter the social studies fair.

2023 New York State-wide First in Math Competition.

Congratulations to our 186Q students who participated in our New York State-Wide Virtual First in Math Tournament! Each mathematician made it through our preliminary school-wide math tournament to make it to the state finals. They needed to solve multi-step mental math problems to qualify. Pictured below are the 4 participants.

That's All for Now. See You Next Month!