Balance of Power

About Mexico

Size and Population

The size of Mexico is about 1972550 square kilometers. This includes about 6000 square miles of islands in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, and the Pacific Ocean.

The population of Mexico is about 120.8 million people. About 80% of the population lives in urban areas, and 20% lives in rural areas.

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Education Quality

The education system has had a large expansion of enrollment growth. This growth has caused the education system to be under stress. They are worried about the facilities, and many areas must now build larger facilities. Overall, the education system is decent. The Mexican students must complete through grade nine, and many students attempt to further their education in order to be more successful.
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Armed Forces

The Mexican armed forces are made up of professionals exclusively. The army (which includes the Air Force), and the navy are two seperate operations. The only link between these two is the Mexican President. The president is the head commander of both army chains, and there is no primary commander for either one under him. The military participates in only defensive measures usually.
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Major Physical Features

The major physical features of Mexico are mountains that include Sierra Madre Oriental, Sierra Madre Occidental, and Sierra Madre Del Sur. Multiple plateaus are near these mountain ranges. The Yucatan Peninsula is a major physical feature. Finally, the Baja California Peninsula which is separated from the majority of the mainland because of the Mexican and Californian gulfs.
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The Mexican economy is growing, and is still rapidly developing its modern industrial services. It is one of the top ranked countries in purchasing power. Although, there still remains a large gap between the rich and the poor.
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