Mass Media


The television industry boomed greatly in the Golden Age period. In the 1950's, the industry only priced around $170 million dollars. Within ten years, in the 1960's, it grew to $2 billion dollars. With the TV industry increase, it also increased several other industries. It increased the advertising industries because of all the commercials, and the TV Guide magazine started it's release in 1953. Ever since then, it has made billions of dollars. Along with the TV Guides, TV dinners were also a very popular release in 1954. They were so popular because you just popped them in the microwave for a few minutes and there was a whole dinner done, without missing much of their TV shows.


The Radio and Television industry were both parts of mass media. Mass media is the communication of any sort that reaches a large audience. Radio's were convenient for people driving in their cars to listen to the news, weather, community talks, political talks, and even music was aired. In the 1950's, the number of stations rose by 50% and the amount of people that actually listened to the radio was raised by 35%. Shortly after that, both of those numbers were raised drastically.